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Managed Seo for Web and Service Businesses

Marketers’ embracing of SEO is great for marketing – it often means they find new customers and boost their awareness, even when the market is less than favourable – but in the realm of SEO; “definitive” is non-existent!

SEO is an approach to search and content marketing that allows you to optimize your website and build a brand for your business. To begin with, SEO is about the “how” as opposed to the “why”. You know why you want to rank for a certain keyword, but how to do it? That’s where you need professional assistance.

Relevancy, authority and AI powered contextual understanding have replaced conventional practices as the new scourge of the SEO industry. Explore our services to determine how we can help you achieve your goals in today’s ever competitive, ever dynamic SEO ecosystem!

All-Inclusive SEO Service

Everlasting results in search engines to keep you away from worrying about penalties in your SEO project. Dedicated digital marketing specialist doing Central Coast seo projects to keep track of your projects, TrafficValley does it all for you.

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Seo Campaign Setup and SEO Strategy setup
  • Keyword Analysis considering Organic Traffic 
  • Content Planning
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Onpage & Link Building Planning
  • Reporting & Communication
  • Analysing google analytics data

Why do you need SEO services in Central Coast?

Search engine optimisation is unarguably the most effective way to reach targeted audiences online. With well over billion searches conducted every day on Google alone, SEO can dramatically improve any businesses’ prospects and ultimately lead to better results and better revenue. If you are marketer or business based in Central Coast, you will not want to miss out on this opportunity.
Central Coast SEO being an innovative SEO Company boasting 6+ years of experience and unmatched success, is committed to helping marketers, business owners or entrepreneurs improve their websites visibility, increase visitor retention rates and build brand awareness.

Give New heights to your business with a Local Central Coast SEO Company

In essence, SEO is a highly nuanced, multidisciplinary endeavor that is complex and ever evolving. And when you want to understand SEO just right, to develop the skills, to create the right plans, to build and operate a well-functioning online marketing plan; you’ll need assistance from experts. SEO Central Coast provides SEO consulting services to help you build and execute a well-functioning, data driven, strategy-oriented marketing campaign. Our Central Coast SEO experts, with over 10 years of combined experience, understands the unique challenges you are going to face in any area of business marketing and are prepared to help you develop and refine a great online marketing strategy while steering you away from potential pitfalls.

Managed SEO Services

We understand how crucial it is to be responsive to clients. With Search Combat, you don’t need to ask for reports. Our fully automated processes allow you to be updated automatically regarding the pace of work, current stage & final reporting.

Analysis & Planning


How does your website fare compared to your competitors? What is the missing factor that’s keeping potential customers from visiting your site? What changes can the experts make to improve your website’s appearance? Central Coast SEO gets you all these answers after doing a thorough analysis of your website. It is more like auditing a website and finding out areas of improvement.

Our website analysis starts with a complete SEO audit. We then test your website’s speed, followed by performing competitor analysis, and then analysing your website’s traffic. We first understand your target audience before making any changes on your webpages. It helps us to figure out what the audience needs and how they search for related products and services. Once we get the answers, we start working on the other aspects of the website.


Implementation & Tracking


Search engine optimisation is a systematic process. It requires a step by step plan to achieve a specific goal. This step by step plan involves a strategic document called SEO roadmap. At Central Coast SEO we always keep a roadmap of every client where we store all SEO-related activities. This helps to eliminate errors and make the decision-making process smoother.

Being a committed Central Coast SEO, we are responsible for the SEO of multiple websites. Imagine if we use the wrong strategy for your company. It may ruin your company’s reputation. A roadmap eliminates any of such risks and helps us deliver first page ranking for targeted keywords. The search engine optimisation roadmap also includes standard operating procedures and various workflows for every strategy. It becomes the guidebook for implementing different SEO tactics for a website.

Reporting & Communication

SEO reports provide an overview of your website’s performance. The KPIs include organic traffic, rankings, and domain metrics. Initially, we check the website’s report daily because it helps us identify which strategies are working successfully. As soon as we find the best tactics, we focus on them to bring organic traffic to the site.


EO is not just about implementing various strategies; it is also about narrowing down the tactics according to their success rate. And our tracking team is responsible for monitoring your website’s performance right from the day you hire us. Whether it is keyword research or on-page optimization, our tracking team is always alerted to check the results based on which we can come up with new strategies later and help your business grow!

Ready To Rock your search engine optimisation!!!

Pick A Plan That Suits Your Business Goals

SEO Central Coast Service Packages in to Suit Everyone

Leave the rest on us and see your organic rankings soaring constantly with our Managed SEO Service.Leave the rest on us and see your organic rankings soaring constantly via search engine results with our Managed SEO Services. Our SEO Central Coast processes are perfect for you to grow your Website. 

Our seo practices and Strategy is simple. In order to get you to the first page of get search results you want, we devise a online marketing strategy to help your business that is based on the current organic traffic your get with the current Keywords and also by doing a competitor analysis. When you get started with us, We take the time to know exactly when we can hit that first page results by analysing what others are doing via seo in Central Coast. Our seo specialists are fully trained and competitive to do the Gap analysis for your search engine optimisation success and getting to the first page of google.

We understand there are many SEO and Digital Marketing Companies in Central Coast, and all over in Australia, but to be the best SEO Company in Central Coast and beat other seo agencies we begin by:

  • Listening to business owner requirements for your products or services,
  • Learning about your business and your customers,
  • Understanding your unique value proposition,
  • Understanding your short term and long term business goals,
  • Investigating your competitors to seek out the best opportunities for your business with the best ROI via seo results.
  • Devising a seo strategy based on all these factors and looking at our past case studies and seo marketing client results

Keyword Research for SEO Central Coast Clients

Technical SEO for Central Coast SEO Clients

Keyword research is one of the most essential parts of any SEO campaign. Without appropriate keywords in your website’s content, it won’t be able to get organic traffic. It is a practice of analysing, finding, and using phrases that your target audience is most likely to use in search engines to find related products and services.

In fact, keyword research is the first step of any SEO. At SEO Central Coast we perform keyword research to find new content ideas, low handing search terms and also optimize your existing content. From using high-end keyword research tools to manually checking other websites for similar keywords, we do everything possible to ensure that your website has the most number of common phrases that the audience might use to help your business grow and maintain relevance in online search. That doesn’t mean we stuff your website’s content with keywords just for the sake of using them. We always keep a balance when it comes to keyword usage in your content.

Here are the different types of Keywords:

  • Major keywords — These are the searches that Users perform at the top of the funnel. They get looked for, the most, but do not easily convert into website traffic as this is where online research usually starts.
  • User-Intent keywords — this is when you have to understand which part of the journey they are on, ie. research, comparison buying or transactional.
  • Long-tail keywords — These sit at the bottom of the funnel usually ends and is probably more important than major keywords as the intent of target audience is clear. Although bear in mind that if the User sees your website at every funnel level for their search terms, you can be sure that by the time they get down to decision making, they would have already trusted your brand.
  • Geographical keywords — queries that have a location within the keyword phrase along with the money KW. This is important for location and local businesses. You definitely want to target this group and throw your money here.
  • Minor keywords — searches that are still important but if you don’t have time and have budget limitations, you can neglect. At the same time, if you don’t have a budget at all, we highly recommend that you should target minor keywords or, as I like to call them, “low hanging fruit” keyword on page one or SERPs
  • Permutations or LSI keywords — these are keywords that are semantically similar to your keyword, you want to target them as well with your seo marketing efforts
  • When we perform your KW research, we will have a better understanding of your Central Coast business and Online Competitiors. Having a comprehensive keyword list will enable a broader online presence to get you the seo results you seek with quality seo.

Technical SEO involves various technical aspects of your website, such as mobile responsiveness, code efficiency, website speed, and SSL/HTTPS. As technical SEO entails a lot of hard work, it is also a very difficult endeavor that requires a lot of time and attention which business and marketers often have a hard time accommodating. SEO Central Coast having helped 1000’s of clients in their online endeavour have developed a comprehensive, actionable and industry proven technical SEO strategy that can be implemented successfully across distinct business environments. Our team of expert SEO specialists at SEO Central Coast has the knowledge, experience and the ability to help clients take steps towards achieving the maximum level of digital success – i.e, first page ranking. From custom website crawling to advanced content analytics, from sitemap creation to finding broken links, from finding hidden gems to website performance optimization and beyond, our professionals are dedicated at helping clients accomplish their digital goals.

SEO Central Coast uses a diverse blend of technology and human resources with multiple teams working independently on-site development, website management, content management, content analysis, reporting and more. Give us an opportunity to help you realize your digital vision!

Below are elements of the Technical SEO Inclusions in our marketing campaign followed by every seo expert in our seo agency;

  • Site Architecture Study
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs Check
  • Duplicate Content across Pages
  • Thin Content on Pages
  • Common Content
  • Semantic Structuring
  • Canonical and Pagination Checks
  • Content and Blog Management
  • XML Sitemap Check and optimisation
  • Crawl Budget Optimisation
  • 301 Redirect and 404 Errors
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Mobile Speed
  • Page Speed
  • SSL and HTTPS
  • Meta Titles and Headers Optimisation for all web pages
  • Keyword Density and Organic search queries



Local businesses and even niche marketers can benefit greatly and can get a tremendous amount of attention by taking advantage of local SEO. With 47% of Google searches being local, the potential of getting that attention and ROI outweighs the effort necessary to build up a local SEO strategy. Many national and international brands already have an extensive internet presence, but it’s important for a small business to capitalize on available opportunity to reach a larger audience and to be recognized. If you own a local business and wish to expand your online presence, SEO Central Coast have the experience, resources and knowledge to facilitate the process and bring value to your business.


The challenges entailed in running an e-commerce website are varied but common. On one hand, you must make clear who your target audience is and on the other you need to create strategies to deal with complexities that vary considerably depending on the type of the business.

There isn’t just one way to go about it; you will have to adapt to the situation that you find yourself in and at SEO Central Coast we can steer you towards the right direction – towards a business success through eCommerce SEO. eCommerce SEO is a process that entails many strategies including the analysis and design, content creation, optimization, and promotion to reach target audience. In today’s digital landscape where companies are spending in millions on digital marketing, it’s not a journey for fainted hearts. But with professional assistance, you can reap the potential of organic search. SEO Central Coast through its comprehensive 6 months SEO success roadmap will empower you and your business to effectively build your audience, reach marketing targets, decrease bounce rates and cart abandonment.


Are you a regional or national business wanting to improve your online presence but having trouble landing your customers? Central Coast SEO is your gateway to custom tailored SEO services aimed at increasing your brand visibility within regional or national market. Our SEO expertise allows you to build an effective online presence that will help you achieve greater success and improve your bottom line. Our SEO professional having worked with businesses in major industry boasts 6 years of professional experience and is well suited to provide custom tailored, structured SEO services for your business.


SEO is a dynamic process and requires specific knowledge; detailed understanding of your competitions, audience, niche, all driven by data and analytical techniques. Back in the good old days SEO was relatively easy and straightforward, but today SEO is a massive undertaking requiring knowledge, skills, resources and time to navigate across multiple platforms, technologies, search engines and markets to determine, analyse and deliver the best possible results for your business.


In SEO link building is often considered to be a single most important factor of digital marketing, a strategy that’s proven to be effective across almost every industry. Link building however demands a great deal of dedication, upfront resources and serious planning. Central Coast SEO having experience working with great number of businesses, marketers and freelancers have established a great professional working relationship with over 5000 websites in every industry imaginable. So, when our clients need to improve their online presence and authority, we help them build organic, keyword optimized, niche related backlinks to help propel their company forward!


When you need to make your digital marketing efforts future proof, we recommend our integrated Central Coast SEO services where we bring together our unique expertise and our best practices to help you integrate many online marketing processes including convectional blogging, social media promotion, search engine marketing (SEM), conversion rate optimization (CRO), Click through rate(CTA) and analytics together.

Search Engine Optimization
Starting From $600


Targeted Locations
KWs Per Campaign
URLs Included
Estimate Time For Page 1 Rankings

Analysis Phase

OnPage SEO Report
Citations Audit
Competition Analysis
Keyword Analysis
Initial Rankings Report


Meta Title & Description
Heading Tag Optimization
Images Alt Tag Analysis/Updation
Duplicate Content Check
Keyword Consistency Check
XML Sitemap Creation/Analysis
Keyword Consistency Check
Mobile Responsiveness Report
Search Console Setup/Analysis

Off Page Optimization

Guest Posts
Niche Edits
Social Property Stacks

Website Enhancement

Load Time Test & Optimization
Structured Data Highlighting

Real-Time Reporting

Search Engine Rank Report
SEO Reports
Monthly Action Report

Support & Consultation

Chat Support
Monthly Roadmap
Happy clients
Websites developed
current SEO Projects
Ecomm Strategies Done

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