strong tag

What is a strong tag?

A strong tag is a tag used to indicate an important point in a sentence.
Places with tags, such as <strong> ~ <strong>, are displayed in bold type.
By making it bold, you can tell that it is an important part at a glance to those who are reading the text of the site.

The SEO effect of strong tags Once there was SEO effect on the text inside strong tags, now it is thought to be almost or not at all. Excessive strong tags can lead to spam verdicts in some cases.

The strong tag is not intended to have an SEO effect, but it is appropriate to use it to convey the important part to the user.

The difference between b tag and em tag The strong tag is a tag to convey an important part, whereas the em tag is used for emphasis.

Cats are cute animals.

→ Cats (not dogs) are cute

Cats are cute animals.

→ Cats are cute (not scary)

Also, the b tag is used when you just want to make it bold, with no intention of emphasis or importance.

Although these tags have different strict nuances in html, they are the same in that they cannot be expected to have an effect on SEO.

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