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What is a sitemap (html)?

A sitemap is a page that lists all or main pages of a website and has internal links.  It is often displayed in categories and hierarchies so that it is easy to understand. On websites with many pages, it may be difficult to find the page you want to see, but by looking at the site map, you can get an overview of the site and make it easier to find the page you want to see.

Please note that the html sitemap and xml sitemap are different. While the html sitemap is for users, the xml sitemap is for robots such as search engines. Importance of sitemap (html) in SEO The html sitemap covers links to important pages on the site, and can improvethe crawling of those pages. Therefore, you can expect a SEO effect such as finding a new page from the site map.

How to make a sitemap (html)

Although an html sitemap has an SEO effect, it is created with the main purpose being whether it is easy for users to see and understand. The point is to classify by category and hierarchy so that the outline of the site is easy to understand. The html site map can be generated manually or automatically (plugin etc.).

What is xml sitemap ?

While html sitemap is mainly for users,xml sitemapis for robots such as search engines.
The xml sitemapis a file that lists URLs such as pages and images and their supplementary explanations.

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