Search quality evaluation guidelines

Search quality evaluation guidelines are guidelines for evaluators (quality raters) who evaluate the search result page in order to evaluate the quality of their search engine. Quality here refers to how well Google Search returns pages that meet your needs and whether they are useful.

It is thought that the search quality evaluation guidelines include evaluation methods for items that Google is paying attention to, and that you want to display sites that are highly evaluated by evaluators for such items in Google search as well. I can. In recent years, topics such as EAT and YMYL have attracted attention as such items .
EAT is specialized, authoritative, and reliable, and is an index of how professional and authoritative the web content operator is and how reliable it is. YMYL is information about life (medical care, health, etc.) and money (insurance, investment, etc.), and is listed as a field that requires high expertise.

Search Quality Evaluation Guidelines (English PDF)

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