Redirection means that when a web page is moved to another URL instead of the one accessed, it will be transferred to the destination URL.

The status code is indicated by 3xx, and 301 and 302 are mainly used.

– Example of redirect method

Redirection using Meta tag
<meta http-equiv = ‘Refresh’ content = ‘5; url = http: // *****’ />
Bywritingin HTML like this, http: / You can redirect to / *****.

Redirection using Javascript
location.href = ‘http: // *****’;
You can redirect to http: // ***** by writing it in the script tag of html like this.

Redirect by .htaccess
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^ $ http: // ***** [R = 301, L]
Bywritingin.htaccesslike this, you can redirect to http: // *****.

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