What is noindex?

Noindex is one of the meta tags described in HTML, and it is a syntax that prevents the set page from being indexed on the search engine. Pages with noindex will not be displayed in the search results.

For example , describe it on a page where indexing a duplicate page or a content with a little content that will inevitably occur will adversely affect the evaluation of the site.

How to set noindex?

If you want to set noindex, add “<meta name =” robots ”content =” noindex ”>” in the <head> element of the page you want to set. For sites created with WordPress, you can set it up without using code directly by using plugins.

Notes on SEO when setting noindex Even if you set a page with noindex, the search engine does not stop crawling.

The crawl itself will proceed as usual, only it will not be indexed. Also note that setting noindex does not immediately remove pages that are already indexed by search engines.
After setting the crawler first time noindex will be reflected in over is been patrol.
Therefore, if you use the noindex setting together with the block by robots.txt for the purpose of deleting from the index , noindex will not be recognized forever and it will remain in the index.

Note that noindex is a powerful instruction to search engines, so if unintentional noindex is set, it will seriously impair search inflow, so be careful.

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