What is nofollow?

When you place a link to another page on a page, the search engine usually follows the link and increases the rating of the linked page (site). However, there are also cases where paid links (such as links in advertisements) that violate Google guidelines as they are, links to pages that search engines do not need to crawl, or links to untrusted pages. Nofollow is a setting for links that you do not want search engines to crawl or that you do not want to pass on ratings to.

How to set nofollow?

There are two ways to set nofollow for links.
The first method is to set individual links.
Add “rel =” nofollow ”” inside the a tag of links that you do not want the search engine to follow.

The other method is to set by page.
By adding “<meta name =” robots ”content =” nofollow ”>” inside the <head> element, nofollow will be set for all links pasted to the page.

Notes when setting nofollow:

Many site operators attach nofollow to all external links, probably because the evaluation of the linked site will not be improved, but even if nofollow is set for the link This does not mean that the site will be evaluated. Unless the link is useful to the user and there is no reason to specifically set nofollow, such as a violation of the guidelines, it is safe to keep the link as usual.

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