MFI (Mobile First Index)

What is MFI (Mobile First Index )?
MIF isa method of indexing pages viewed on mobile devices such as smartphonesand determining the search ranking based onthat index.  Until now, it was based on the page viewed on the PC, so the standard page will be changed.

Google has long announced the move to MFI. Only a few sites in the United States have undergone MFI migration testing, but the full implementation date has not yet been decided. It should be noted that websites that do not have a smartphone page but only a computer page do not mean that search will not be lost at all.

Precautions for SEO toward MFI
First , for websites that are not compatible with mobile devices,it is recommended to create mobile-friendly pages assoon as possible. Responsive is now strongly recommended in anticipation of MFI as a mobile friendly method.
The reason for this is that if the HTML for the PC is different from that for the smartphone, the contents, alt text, structured data , meta tags, etc. may also be different, which may greatly affect the search order when migrating to MFI. Because there is I don’t think there is a need to forcefully move to responsive sites that are currently mobile-enabled by means other than responsive, but it is necessary to confirm that the above points are the same.

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