Keywords are clues that indicate important words in the content and are used when searching.

Search terms used in Google searches are sometimes called queries.
Users who search on Google do not just look for content that contains keywords, but sometimes they want to know something and use it as a query.
So it’s not uncommon for queries to be more than one keyword, and sometimes even text-like.

If you use only one keyword when searching, many unintended search results will be displayed and you may not be able to find what you want to search, but by using multiple keywords, you can easily find the content that suits your purpose. Become.
This is the same for content creators as well, and it is very difficult to take SEO measures with a query (big word) that consists of one keyword, but create content that considers queries that consist of multiple keywords with a clearer search intention. By doing so, it is possible to lower the display difficulty level.

In terms of SEO measures, it is very important to include keywords in titles and headings, create content using keywords, and above all, create content that assumes the intention of the query.

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