What is an interstitial?

An interstitial is something that is displayed so as to cover the entire screen immediately after a website is displayed. It is mainly used for displaying advertisements, promoting member registration, login screens, and alerts. In addition to websites, there are also free apps that have embedded interstitial ads.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Interstitial Users

There are advantages to users in preventing oversight of cautions when calling attention to interstitials. Because it is displayed in a large size, you can reduce omission of confirmation of important notes.

However, users will find it annoying if the ad appears interstitially.
Although it has high visibility, the content cannot be viewed until the interstitial is closed, which may be a factor disliked by users.

Impact of interstitials on SEO
Google considers interstitials to be detrimental to usability, and pages using interstitials also negatively impact search rankings.

However, if the interstitial is used for legally valid purposes such as consent to the use of cookies and age confirmation, or the interstitial is of a size that does not affect the browsing of the content and can be easily closed. If it is one, there is no problem.

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