First view

What is First View?

When you access a website on a device such as a computer or smartphone, not all the contents of the page will fit on the screen. If the page is large, the upper left part is basically displayed first, and the user scrolls the screen as needed. The first part displayed is called the first view. The range of First View depends on the device used for browsing. It is wide when browsing with a large monitor on a PC, and narrow on mobile terminals such as smartphones.

Importance of First View

By making websites visible to more people for a long time, it becomes easier to achieve goals such as sales and acquisition of inquiries. It’s a good idea to avoid leaving the page immediately after accessing the page, because you will let go of the users you collected.

First view is a point for users who land on the page to decide whether to continue browsing as it is, so it is necessary to take measures to reduce departure. In addition, when it comes from a search engine, any page on the site can be a landing page due to its characteristics, so the importance of First View can be said for all pages. Furthermore, although Google has denied it, there is a theory that user behavior such as bounce may be used for ranking, so the user experience (UX) of the page is becoming more important, and the first The first view that influences user behavior is very important in SEO.

Points when setting First View In First View, users determine whether the content they are looking for is on that page or is worth reading. Even if the page contains useful information for the user, if that part is not included in First View, it will be judged that there is no desired information and will leave.

Therefore, it is necessary for the first view to display the main points of the content that the user wants to know. If you write it in a way that makes you want to know more, more people will scroll down to the bottom of the page without leaving immediately.
Recently, more people are viewing websites on smartphones than they are on personal computers.
Therefore, it is also important to take measures against First View, which assumes browsing with a smartphone.

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