Emphasis snippet

What are emphasized snippets?

Featured snippets are snippets displayed in a slightly larger font on the site list on the search result screen.
In addition to text, images and tables may be displayed.
It is sometimes called 0th because it is displayed above the 1st ranked site, which makes it very noticeable.

Types of emphasized snippets

There are four types of emphasized snippets: sentence type, list type, table type, and video.
The sentence type is the simplest and often appears with images when searching for the meaning of a term.
List-style highlighting snippets are often displayed when you are looking at operating procedures.
Table-based emphasis snippets are often displayed with keywords such as fees, making them easy to understand at a glance.
In the case of a video enhanced snippet, a thumbnail image of the video is displayed.
This is often displayed when you search for the song name, etc., and sometimes the artist name, release year, etc. are attached in a list format. However, it is not possible to play it on the search result screen, and when clicked, it will jump to the page where you can watch the video.

How is the highlighted snippet displayed?

Search engine algorithms determine whether to display the highlighted snippet with that keyword, and which site the highlighted snippet is displayed, so the website creator can set it freely. You can’t. However, it is possible to make the highlight snippet more visible.
For search engines, the search keyword is “question,” so the point is to put the content that you want to display in the highlighted snippet, which is the “answer”, in the page.
For example, it is important to include keywords such as “What”, “Fee”, and “Price” in the title and heading of Q & A pages so that search engines can easily read the information. Sites that display highlighted snippets in list type or table type often use list tags or table tags.
However, the emphasis snippet is usually displayed from the pages that are already ranked within the 10th place in the keyword.

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