What is a description?

A description is a summary of a web page. In the search result list page ( SERPs ) of thesearch engine, itis displayed as a snippet under the page title and has a role of explaining the page contents together with the page title. A description is a type of meta tag and is sometimes called a meta description.

<meta name = ‘description’ content = ‘text text’>

Importance of description in SEO
Description has no direct impact on search order. However, it can help determine which page the user clicks on, which may affect click-through rates. In some cases, by setting an effective description, it is possible that the page displayed at the bottom has more clicks than the page at the top.

We recommend that you set the description that will be of interest to the user, and make the text unique to each page as much as possible. Points to be aware of when setting the description When setting the description, it is effective to give a description that the page could not tell you what you can understand.
Matching words in your search keyword will be in bold, so it’s a good idea to include the keyword you’re targeting. It is also effective to write important information and conclusions so that they are hidden, and then click to see the contents of the site so that you can get the information you want to know.

The snippet displayed in Google search results will be cut off in about 120 characters, so it is desirable to set the length to about 70 to 120 characters.

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