Denial application

About denial application

An application for denial is to apply to Google to invalidate the evaluation of a specific link on a link or site basis.
The evaluation from the search engine basically goes up if there are many backlinks, but if the linking site is of poor quality, it may go down on the contrary and it may cause a penalty.
It is possible to apply for denial so that SEO ratings will not be dropped due to unsolicited links from bad sites.

How to submit a denial application

To submit a denial application, use the function provided with the search console. You can download the list of link source pages from the details of “Link source with the most links ” by clicking “Link to site
” in “Search traffic”. Check the link destination by looking at the list and create a list of links you want to deny in a text file. If you want to deny on a page basis, enter the URL of the page, and if you want to deny on a domain basis, write “domain: domain name”.

When you have finished creating the text file, click the “Disclaim link” button on the page of the disclaimer tool below and upload the text file to complete the application.
https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/disavow-links-main You will be notified via search console or email when the disapproval request is processed.

Notes on denial application Before contacting the denial application, contact the operator of the site with the link and ask to remove the link. It is desirable to apply for denial if you do not respond. Also, be careful when making a denial application.
In particular, if the link source is not a site with low-quality content, making a request for denial may lower the search ranking.

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